VOX Schematics


GIFAC15/2 Amp schematic, OS/005 (Jennings, 1959)

GIFAC15/3 Amp schematic, OA/031 (Jennings, 1960)

GIFAC15 Amp schematic, V-1-5 (Vox)

GIFAC15 Re-issue Pre amp schematic, AC15-60-02 Iss 1 (Vox, 1996)

GIFAC15 Re-issue Power amp schematic, AC15-62-02 Iss 1 (Vox, 1996)


GIFAC30/36 Normal Amp schematic, OS/065 (Jennings, 1960)

GIFAC30/36 Top Boost Mod schematic, OS/010 (Jennings, 1961)

GIFAC30/36 Bass Amp schematic, OS/057 (Jennings, 1964)

GIFAC30 Reverb Amp schematic (L.G.P., 1978)


GIFAC50/4 MkIII Amp schematic, OS/072 (Jennings, 1965)

GIFAC50 Amp schematic (Vox Sound Ltd, 1976)

GIFAC50 Amp schematic (Joe Piazza)


GIFAC100/2 Amp schematic, OS/036 (Jennings, 1965)

GIFAC100 Amp schematic (Joe Piazza)


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