JJ TC529 Dual Can Electrolytics

JJ TC529 Dual Can Electrolytics

€ 10,00 (including 21 % tax)

The JJ electrolytics are manufactured in the JJ Electronic plant in Cadca, in the Slovak Republic.

These TC529 35mm dual electrolytic cans are ideal as direct drop-in replacement caps for the repair of Marshall, Selmer and VOX amps, or as filter caps for new projects.

PDFDatasheet (2005)

JJ TC529-32μF/32μF/500V 2x 32μF € 9,50

JJ TC529-50μF/50μF/500V 2x 50μF € 10,25

JJ TC529-100μF/100μF/500V 2x 100μF € 12,50