Sprague Orange Drop 715P

€ 1,00 (including 21 % tax)

The Sprague Orange Drop 715P capacitors are polypropylene aluminium film capacitors. These capacitors are used a lot in the Mesa Boogies, Bogners and other high quality guitar amps.

The name Sprague is merely a brand name these days. Cornell Dubilier (CDE) is the current manufacturer of the Orange Drop capacitors.

These capacitors are also available in other values and other working voltages on request. The following list of capacitors is normally directly available from stock.


OD715P-1nF/600V 600V € 1,21

OD715P-2.2nF/600V 600V € 1,21

OD715P-3.3nF/600V 600V € 1,21

OD715P-4.7nF/600V 600V € 1,22

OD715P-10nF/600V 600V € 1,22

OD715P-22nF/600V 600V € 1,37

OD715P-47nF/600V 600V € 1,78

OD715P-100nF/600V 600V € 3,05

OD715P-220nF/600V 600V € 3,99

OD715P-470nF/400V 400V € 3,80