feed SED / Svetlana

Svetlana/SED tubes are manufactured in the Svetlana factory in St. Petersburg, in Russia. These are the one and only real Svetlana tubes. Also known as Winged-C Svetlana, from the logo with the C and the two "wings" (=C=). Not to be confused with the fake Svetlana tubes (with the S logo) from the Sovtek factory in Saratov.

We have learnt that the Svetlana factory in St. Petersburg has completely stopped production of all glass vacuum tubes in 2012! This means that Dr.Tube now only offers NOS Svetlana tubes. We still have a limited stock of older production single EL34's, 6L6GC's, 6550C's and KT88's for those interested.

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SED 6J32P (6Ж32П) / EF86

The Svetlana 6J32P (6Ж32П) is a reliable replacement for the EF86.
€ 15,70 (including 21 % tax)

SED 5C3S (5Ц3С) / 5U4G

This NOS Svetlana 5C3S (5Ц3С) rectifier tube is a very good replacement for the 5U4G rectifier.
€ 23,00 (including 21 % tax)